Duran Duran: The Ultimate Review
They were the first MTV superstars, their glamorous and influential videos brought the band to a worldwide audience, which lead to commercial and critical success. Drawing on rare live footage from the archives, this is the independent critical review of Duran Duran. The program features interviews with Paul Berrow - the band‚ ex-manager, Dave Ambrose who first signed the band to EMI, and Mark Tinley - Duran Duran‚ sound engineer and tech during their recent tour. Alongside a leading team of critics and musicologists, to provide penetrating insights into why the music worked so well, and why sometimes, it didn't. With live footage of the band in concert, TV and radio archives, this is the ultimate critical guide to the work of a band whose influence is still felt today. Featuring Highlights From: • Hungry Like The Wolf • Anyone Out There • Planet Earth • Girls On Film • Save A Prayer • Rio • Union Of The Snake • The Reflex • Wild Boys • View To A Kill • Notorious • Ordinary World
STARRING: Paul Berrow (the band‚ ex-manager), Dave Ambrose (EMI), Mark Tinley (sound engineer), Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Stephen Duffy, Roger Taylor, Andy Taylor, Simon Le Bon
DIRECTED BY: Bob Carruthers
PRODUCED BY: Archive Media Publishing, Ltd., Bob Carruthers
GENRE(S): Biography, Alternative
RUNTIME: (60 Min)
YEAR: 2006
Duran Duran: The Ultimate Review
Duran Duran: The Ultimate Review
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