True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit
Board Certified Naturopath, Dr. Karlfeldt, demystifies eastern medicinal techniques and hosts discussions with experts on many hot topics in medicine today. Bringing holistic awareness and offering an all-encompassing look at how we can live our healthiest life from the inside out!
STARRING: Hosted by Dr. Michael Karlfeldt and featuring interviews with: Joe Estevez, Betty Bridges, Lawrence Smith and more!
PRODUCED BY: Catrine McGregor
GENRE(S): Documentary, * New Releases
RUNTIME: (26 x 1/2 hr)
YEAR: 2017
True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit

Hosted by Dr. Karlfeldt, a Board Certified Naturopath with over 25 years clinical experience, this series demystifies eastern medicinal techniques and brings holistic awareness, offering an all-encompassing look at how to live a healthy and joyful life from the inside out. The first season tackles many hot and unconventional health topics such as: the use of Medical Cannabis, revealing the truth behind vaccines, the power of Pranic Healing, energy healing through Reiki and the power of Chinese Medicine. The show is packed with celebrity interviews discussing their real life trials; Joe Estevez talks about his struggle with alcohol abuse, Betty Bridges discusses helping her son quit drugs and Larry Thomas, Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi is featured!

Season 1:

1.True Health: Alcoholism, Smart food shopping, Calcium

Dr. Karlfeldt and the myths of calcium. We get advice on smart shopping and talk to actor Joe Estevez about life and his struggle with alcohol.

 2. True Health: Todd Bridges from Diff'rent Strokes - How his mother saved his life

Betty Bridges about saving her son, Todd ("Diff'rent Strokes") from drugs. Kim Echelmeier shares her harrowing story of illness & her road to health.

3. True Health: Kabbalistic healer Rabbi Stephen Robbins

Eating healthy in a Sports Bar!? Yes! Witness an interview that may change your life. Rabbi Stephen Robbins will rock your world.

4. True Health: Curing heartburn, Healthy pregnancy 

Dr. Karlfeldt: heart burn & how to stop it. Juliana DiGiosia, MD discusses childbirth. Weight-lifting tips from Don Shanks and Carlie Young.

5. True Health: Blindness linked to heart meds

Dr. Karlfeldt lets us in on the 4th most important thing we must have. A fascinating talk about blindness with Lawrence Smith.

6. True Health: Don Shanks, Michael Myers in Halloween V shows us his work-out tips, Curing migraines

Dr. Knotts: chronic headaches & chiropractic techniques. One of Hollywood's top stunt men, Don Shanks, & trainer Carlie Young: how to warm up properly.

7. True Health: Seinfeld's The Soup Nazi, Larry Thomas

Dr. Michael Karlfeldt and Chef Cristina Drake show you healthy cooking. Then, a heartfelt interview with Larry Thomas, the one and only "Soup Nazi!"

8. True Health: Cannabis cures, Raw diet and the dangers of low-fat foods

Dr. Karlfeldt: diabetes & low fat foods. Dr. Deb Roman: raw diet can save you from chronic illness. Michael Backes and the medicinal uses of cannabis.

9. True Health: Vaccinations (yikes!), Lyme disease and Healthy game-time food

Lyme disease & misdiagnoses. Create healthy 'game time' snacks with Chef Cristina Drake. In-depth interview with Leslie Manookian about vaccinations.

10. True Health: Pranic healing, Exercise tips, Healthy Mexican food

Strength exercises at the kitchen counter. Dr. Karlfeldt cooks a healthy Mexican feast with Chef Cristina. Pranic Healing with Isabel Lacayo.

11. True Health: Chinese herbs, Life as a little person and Adrenal stress

Healthy living in the city! Daniel shops for healthy snacks. Go to LA's Chinatown to talk to an herbalist. Little person Travis Eberhard inspires us.

12. True Health: Reiki Shaman and Healthy desserts (chocolate, too!)

Dr. Karlfeldt talks to Shaman McBride about energy healing & Reiki. Have fun cooking healthy desserts with Chef Cristina Drake!

13. True Health: Instant pain management and Native American Shaman

Dr. Voitanik's pain elimination through ultrasound & electric pulse. Dr. Karlfeldt interviews Native American Shaman Cheney about healing techniques.

14. True Health: Transformers' actor and going The Extra Mile, Manifesting Love

Actor Glenn Morshower (24, Transformer) meets us at Sundance where we learn about The Extra Mile. Dr. Tammi Balizewski explains 'Manifesting Love'.

15. True Health: Transcendental meditation, Documentary "The Greater Good", About vaccines

BBQ & carcinogens! Q&A with Leslie Manookian re: her film The Greater Good, & the danger of vaccines. Transcendental Meditation expert Michael Dimick.

16. True Health: Birthing alternatives, Animal muscle testing

Healthy snacks for kids! Charlotte Salinas Wilkes & alternative birthing techniques. Last, muscle testing on a dog reveals a renal infection.

Season 2:

1. True.health for the Mind: Applied Psychoneurobiology (APN), Detoxification and Vaxxed

Applied Psychoneurobiology (APN) identifies past traumas in order to conquer them.Then detoxification and the first part of our in depth interview with the filmmakers of Vaxxed.

2. True.health for the Mind:Ozone therapy, Medication and herbal supplements and Vaxxed

The power of ozone therapy. Guidance on mixing herbal supplements and medication. More from our talk with the filmmakers of Vaxxed.

3. True.health for the Mind: Holistic chiropractors and Vaxxed

Holistic chiropractor, Dr. Randall Malin shares his journey to health and how he helps others. We continue our talk with the filmmakers of Vaxxed.

4. True.health for the Mind: The power of water, Actor/ Stuntman Don Shanks on his nutritional routine, the documentary Vaxxed

Water has amazing power. Actor/Stuntman Don Shanks fills us in on his nutritional routine. More from our series with the filmmakers of Vaxxed.

5. True.health for the Body: Women's hormonal issues, natural pest repellants and how eating grapefruit may affect your medication

Dr. Laurie Steelsmith: women's hormonal issues. Natural pest repellants. How eating grapefruit may interact with your medication

6. True.health for Body: Loss of a family member, the creation of the Rainy Days Foundation and pregnancy cravings.

Chalese Stevens shares her touching story about the loss of her son and the creation of the Rainy Days Foundation. Also: pregnancy cravings.

7. True.health for the Soul: Rabbi Lifshitz tells of Jewish dietary traditions

Rabbi Lifshitz tells of Jewish dietary traditions

8. True.health for the Soul: Traditions of the LDS Church and the 7th Day Adventist Church

Dietary and health traditions of the LDS Church and the 7th Day Adventist Church.

9. True.health for Body: About the gut

Dr. Andrew Manuweera talks about the gut.

10. True.health for the Soul: Muslim dietary and health traditions and the dangers of EMF (Electro-Magnetic Fields).

Muslim dietary and health traditions are discussed with Imam Shuab . Dr. Sherrill Sellman talks about the dangers of EMF (Electro-Magnetic Fields).

11. True.health for the Body: More about EMFs and grains.

Part Two of interview with Dr. Sellman about EMFs. Dr. Karlfeldt discusses grains.

12. True.health for the Body: Learn about The Detox Solution and GMOs.

Fascinating interview with Dr.Joseph Pizzorno ,a leader in the Natural Health field and the author of The Detox Solution. Dr. Don Huber reveals frightening facts about GMOs.

13. True.health for the Body: More about GMOs.

Part two of the interview with GMO specialist Dr. Don Huber.

14. True.health for the Body: Final interview about GMOs.

Final part of interview with GMO specialist Dr. Don Huber.

15. True.health for the Soul: Hare Krishna health practices and dietary constraints

How the Hare Krishna perceive health practices and the meaning behind their dietary constraints, according to Temple Priest Caru Das Adikari.

16. True.health for the Mind: Gratitude through the story of Fidel N'Shombo

Fidel N'Shombo's unbelievable story of growing up a refugee in Africa, and the gratitude he has for his life despite the torture and cruelty he endured.

17. True.health for the Mind: Part two of interview with Congolese refugee Fidel N'Shombo.

Part two of interview with Congolese refugee Fidel N'Shombo.

18. True.health for the Body: Conscious Breathing techniques

Lisa Baker shares her Conscious Breathing techniques with us.

19. True.health for the Mind: The toxicity of hair dyes. Sleep and natural cures for insomnia

True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit
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