32 Ways to Please Your Lover
here's nothing sexier than watching your lover in the throes of pure orgasmic pleasure, and knowing that it was your sexual skills that produced it! If you love to experiment - or if you always wanted to try something different - you'll love this video from the Sinclair Institute. In just one hour, you'll learn new skills to keep your lover satisfied. And your partner will be happy to return the favor! Get inspired as you watch real loving couples demonstrate explicit techniques and tips to keep your sex play exciting. You'll learn: •Mastering the art of oral love •Five 69 Positions: •Using toys - and even food! - for erotic thrills •Fantasy Role Play for the fun of it! •Positions that produce intense G spot orgasm •New locations, new sensations The emphasis in this inspiring, educational video is all about pleasing your partner, and pleasing yourself in the process!
STARRING: Dr. Lori Buckley
GENRE(S): Sex Ed
RUNTIME: (60 min)
YEAR: 2008
32 Ways to Please Your Lover
Welcome to Sinclair Institute’s program on Sexual Techniques and Positions.  In the first half of our program, we will explore Six Amazing Techniques designed to drive you and your partner to new sexual heights.  Such as the "Reverse 69" and the "Flying 69".

Later, we’ll take a look at some unusual positions you may want to try out and teach you how to look at your home with a different idea for each of your furniture pieces.  This is one dangerous encounter you can try at home.
32 Ways to Please Your Lover
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